Animal Cage: Under the Big Top Drabbles 3

Animal CageMy stories “Moondance” and “Dudley’s Last Day” are included in Animal Cage, published in September 2022.

Animal Cage is the third drabble anthology in the Under the Big Top series, edited by Brandi Hicks and Shelley Jarvis for Black Ink Fiction.

from the publisher’s blurb

“The zoo is a favorite family destination for so many people. Seeing exotic animals you wouldn’t be able to see without traveling to far away lands, feeding creatures ten times your size from the safety of the other side of a fence or cage, it’s all so fun…until things go terribly wrong. Malfunctioning fences, disgruntled employees, escaping animals, horrifying accidents—things we never think about while smiling and taunting tigers, elephants, gorillas, and more from behind a glass window.

Maybe reading these bite-sized chunks of terror will make you think twice before booking your next zoo trip. Black Ink Fiction’s Animal Cage features over 40 international authors set out to show you the darker side of our furry friends in cages.”