Annihilation: Drabbles 3 (Revelations)

AnnihilationMy drabble “Scorched Earth” is included in Annihilation, published in November 2022.

Annihilation is the third anthology of dystopian drabbles in the Revelations series, edited by Brandi Hicks and Shelley Jarvis for Black Ink Fiction.

from the publisher’s blurb

“It’s the end of the world as we know it!

Where will you be when time is no more? Staring at the mushroom cloud with a glass of wine in hand, or scrabbling for a way off-world in an alien ship? Or maybe you’re the one who set the plague/killer-robots/mutant squirrels with a taste for blood free, and now you’re standing back watching your handiwork from your secret bunker.

Read these micro-tales of disaster from 50+ international bestselling authors and let them fill your thoughts with anxiety-inducing scenarios of how we’re all gonna die.”