Love Letters to Poe, Volume II: Houses of Usher

Love Letters to Poe Volume II: Houses of UsherMy poem “The Kiss of the House of Usher” is included in Love Letters to Poe, Volume II: Houses of Usher, edited by Sara Crocoll-Smith and published in August 2022.

from the publisher’s blurb

“Whisper the words “The Fall of the House of Usher” and you conjure strange imagery… a brooding, black tarn… sullen siblings… the frenzy of undeath…

This famous story, published by Edgar Allan Poe in September 1839, continues to hold sway in our society over one hundred and eighty years later. This volume is composed of thirty stories and poems inspired by this great gothic work.

Explore the vaults of the House of Usher and this haunted palace will reveal to you its horrifying secrets. When, at last, you reach the end of this harrowing journey, you will be rewarded with a deepened appreciation for the original tale.”

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Wicked Delights: Sinfully Steamy Paranormal

Wicked DelightsMy story “A Breath of Life” is included in Wicked Delights: Sinfully Steamy Paranormal, published in July 2022.

Wicked Delights is an anthology of paranormal romance stories, edited by Brandi Hicks and Shelly Jarvis for Paramour Ink.

from the publisher’s blurb

“This anthology offers vampires who have a desire for Victorian role playing, kindred spirits unwittingly meeting up at a bar for a night of passion, angels and demons doing a little more than fraternizing, and other tales to get your blood boiling in the most delicious ways. Take a voyeuristic peek at these stories from 18 international authors that are sure to infiltrate your fantasies.”

The Mummy: Drabbles 4 (Legends of Night)

The Mummy Drabbles 4 (Legends of Night)My story “Ripeness is All” is included in The Mummy, published in July 2022.

The Mummy is the fourth anthology of drabbles in the Legends of Night series, edited by Jodie Francis for Black Ink Fiction.

from the publisher’s blurb

“In this anthology, we’ve gathered more than 150 micro-fiction stories from authors around the globe. Each tale offers one hundred words, a glimpse into each world, with a promise that there is more out there–and more to mummies–that needs to be explored. Part of Black Ink Fiction’s exploration into the Legends of Night, this monster collection is sure to wrap its way around your heart.”

Trembling With Fear: More Tales from the Tree: Volume 4

Trembling With Fear: More Tales from the Tree: Volume 4My Unholy Trinity of drabbles “Devils’ Work”, previously published on the Horror Tree website, is included in Trembling With Fear: More Tales From The Tree: Volume 4, published in June 2022.

from the publisher’s blurb

“In our fourth collection of More Tales from the Tree, we have gathered the holiday-themed calls and various special calls released in 2021. From the vaults of Trembling with Fear, we’ve also included our Unholy Trinities – sets of 3 related 100-word tales – a triple delight.”

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GrimdarkMy story “No Quarter” is included in Grimdark, published by Black Hare Press in June 2022.

from the publisher’s blurb

“Often dystopian, violent worlds with amoral or morally questionable protagonists. Grim and dark, it valourises the protagonist’s struggles as they choose between good and evil.”