Nom Nom: Hallowe’en Dark Drabbles

Nom Nom: Hallowe'en Dark DrabblesMy story “Oh, Pumpkin!” is included in Nom Nom: Hallowe’en Dark Drabbles, published in October 2022.

Nom Nom is the latest in the Dark Drabbles series of anthologies published by Black Hare Press.

from the publisher’s blurb

“Hallowe’en Horrors in tiny tales.

Vampires, djinns, spirits, werewolves, trolls, banshees, elves, mummies, skeletons, carnivorous jack-o’-lanterns, evil-seeking clowns, Halloween purges, sexy-but-hungry succubi, genius loci scarecrows voraciously guarding their pumpkin patches, revenge of the Hallowe’en candies.

But don’t worry, bwteen 100-word gory bites you’ll have a moment to catch your breath before the next soul-eating creature climbs out of the grave…”